A dream for my child's future

An insurance company mailed me and asked if I could write about my wish for my daughter's future, how I'd secure it and what I hoped she'd become. They gave me a list to choose from: Scientist, explorer, doctor, engineer, entrepreneur, dancer, singer and many more that I cannot recall now.

As I sat there, looking at the e-mail, this verse came to me which I thought I'd share:

They asked me to choose
A future for you
A peek into what I thought
Would open the floodgates
Of opportunity.

They asked me to guess
What I thought you'd be good at
Where I felt you would excel
And what I imagined you'd become.

They urged me, they did,
To look into a crystal ball
And see the wonders that awaited
Your every step and your every fall.

And I paused.

For how could I tell them
The truth?

That I could never
Live your life for you
Dream your dreams or
Whisper your hopes?

That I would refrain
From binding you to a book
That says you must pursue the Arts
Or excel at science
Or jump headlong into the earth's mysteries?

That I would cheer you on
If you decided to drop it all
And go climbing the mountains 
in search of the fountain of joy?

That I would stand and laugh
With absolute abandon
As you swam freestyle through
A swimming pool 
Relishing the cold water on your face?

That I would stop everything
And be by your side
When you called me to share
That you've done what you've wanted all along?

How can I possibly put into words
What I cannot envision?
How can I ever tell you
To stay the course
When I don't have any way of knowing
What the path is?

How can I dream
For you, my child
When I am myself wandering
In a dreamland of my own making?

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