Blogiversary- 8 years as a Mom Blogger

Eight years? Has it really been that long since I opened up a blog page and typed my first ever post on this blog? 


Um, I think I am more shocked than anything else. For one thing, I can't believe I have a nine-year-old child in the house now. Actually, scratch that. I KNOW I have a 9-year-old in the house now since she reminds me of it daily!

As for the blog, I doubt I can do justice to this post today, because, as crazy as this may sound, this piece of virtual real estate is so much a part of me. I just cannot begin to tell you all how good it feels to type a post here, write a snippet, relate an anecdote or share a parenting lesson I've learnt. How can I possibly say all that I want to say in one blog post?

This last year alone has been so incredibly wonderful. I've made many new blogging friends, started and maintain a new fiction/writing blog, started a new blogging group, got my own domain name, began a new job and just so much more.

What do I have to share from these 8 years that I haven't said already? Considering I was so sporadic when I began blogging and then jumped into the posting frenzy last year and slowed down to a regular schedule this year (more or less), I'm hardly the authority on blogging practices. But then again, that's never stopped me before, right? So, let's give it a whirl.

  1. Happiness- Well, obviously! Happy that my blog is 8 years old, happy to be in this thing called blogging and happy that I can share this with so many readers.
  2. Gratitude- I cannot thank enough people for the existence and survival of this blog. But, primarily, I am grateful to Gy, my daughter, for the original inspiration and the continued lessons that she imparts through her wisdom and witty repartees!
  3. Relaxation- From worrying about publishing blog posts one after the other to slowing down and relaxing about publishing when I feel like it, has been so liberating. I write now when I want to write, except of course for sponsored posts ;)
  4. Peace- There is a sense of calm when it comes to blogging now. Maybe it's the writing process or the idea of doing it regularly, but I feel calm when I blog. This absolute sense of peace settles on me when my fingers move over the keyboard.
  5. Purpose- There is a greater sense of purpose today when I blog. I know that for many people, it seems odd or weird when I seem to plug away at posts here and on my other blog, but writing gives me a sense of purpose. It puts my heart on display, so to speak.
  6. Connected- The best part about blogging, for me, is the engagement which turns into connections. Some of these are such solid ones that I can start listing the people who have shaped me as a blogger and not be done with the list even a week from now!
  7. Openness- I wouldn't say I was ever the 'jumping to conclusions' type, but I have been guilty of being judgmental, especially where other parents were concerned. Starting and running a parenting group in conjunction with the lessons from my Yelling Less challenge has helped me embrace the differences in parenting styles much better.
  8. Inspired- 8 years is a long time to be doing one thing. If anything, it has strengthened my resolve to continue doing this thing that I love. Without my blog, I really wouldn't be where I am today and although that sounds trite, it's the absolute truth.

You know, I had intended to do something special- a contest or a giveaway or an ebook of some favourite posts- anything, to mark this day. But I just never got around to actually doing it. I'm not a big fan of doing something for the sake of doing it, as those of you who know me will attest, so I decided not to push myself. Maybe all of that or some of it will happen, at a later stage, when I am ready for it.

Till then, I just hope that what I write will continue to touch readers in any way possible.

Thanks for sticking with me and thank you for coming along on this journey.

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