Should your child watch TV? Teewe has the answer

We're all part of the Technological Generation; make no mistake about that. In any given home, we are likely to have mobile phones, a tablet or two, laptops, HD  TV sets and iPods. It's probably getting more difficult to answer the question, 'Should my child watch TV?' because of the explosion of stimuli at hand today.

Now, while that's largely true for our home, the one thing that we have categorically ensured is that Gy gets very little gadget time. The reason for that is quite simple: it's going to be an integral part of her life anyway, once she crosses a certain age. At this point, we'd prefer it far more if the control for what she gets to see or do online rests in our hands. This is where Teewe has the answer to our dilemma.

We do watch TV, especially on weekends, since it's great to cuddle on the couch with your kids and enjoy those laugh-out-loud moments with them. The one thing I really despair about, however, is the lack of any quality cartoons or entertainment on the box today. My childhood was filled with the best of animation- be it Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Duck Tales, Tale Spin, Chip and Dale or Hum Paanch. Today, I shudder, close my eyes and switch off the set when Oggy and the Cockroaches comes on the air!

I remember when we were scouring the Net for devices that would enhance our Smart TV viewing experience and chanced upon Roku; this could be plugged into the HDMI slot of our TV and would help in streaming high-quality videos directly from any of our Android devices. It sounded like a boon in so many ways! 

 But the cost made me think twice. Then along came Teewe. The features, the parental controls, well, they just seemed so much more interesting!Why is it better than the competition, you ask? Well, here are three top reasons:

What is Teewe?

To put it very simply, it is an HDMI media streaming device, which is a TV accessory for parents and children.

What do you need?

  1. A TV with an HDMI port
  2. The Teewe Device (pictured above)
  3. The Teewe app on your Android, Windows or iOS phone/ device

What can you do with it?

  • Stream content- photos, videos- directly from your devices and view it on your big screen TV.
  • Convert your mobile phone into your remote control
  • Watch what your kids want and don't be limited by the options on TV today
  • Reach into the nostalgic past and watch your old favourites, cartoons and serials, via YouTube and other paid options.

The Android App has a very pleasing interface which I have captured for you via screenshots below:

For me, the biggest advantages of a device like this one would be:

  1. Monitoring the content that my child gets to see on the TV.
  2. Curating quality content- TV shows and cartoons
  3. Ensuring that I can download and play my favourite content offline- much like the video recordings of the past!
  4. Striking a balance with the exposure to technology as well as other offline activities.

Reviews of the product on leading tech websites have already got me interested! TV watching certainly got more interesting with the introduction of Teewe. 

Parents, it's time to let them watch some quality TV :)

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