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Welcome to Guest Tuesday

Today, I am very happy to welcome a fellow parent blogger, Roshni AaMom, who blogs at Indian American Mom, to share her delightful insight into her life as a parent.

I've known Roshni for a while now, but got more acquainted with her blog through the #1000Speak movement which kicked off in March this year. Balancing compassion with humour, nurturing with nuggets of wisdom, Roshni does a great job in the blogging arena. I am so pleased that she agreed to write this  post for me.

It made me smile and I'm sure you will too, at the end of it.

Please welcome Roshni who writes a fun post on the ups and downs of parenting two boys.

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I'm very excited to have been invited by Shailaja to write a post for her blog! After racking my brain for several weeks over what the best topic to write on would be, I heeded her suggestion to make it Parenting! 

 Allow me to introduce myself first. I am a Bengali living for the past 12 years in California. My kids have been born and brought up here, so they are very much American - not Bobby Jindal American perhaps, but nevertheless, Americans!! 

I have often been questioned about how I bring up my kids and my response is to point to this post.

  Parenting by an Indian American Mom

My older son, who will be going to 6th grade this year and who is 11, often asks me whether I wish he was not growing up and was as cute and cuddly as he used to be when he was a baby. I'm not sure what answer he hopes for, but I tell him very honestly that the age that he and my younger son, who is 7, are, that 'now', is the best age! 

 And, honestly it is! 

No more playing make-believe; no more reading nursery rhymes 25 times in a row; no more diapers (Oh. My. God! Thank the Lord!!!), no more night-feeding; no more hurling-oneself-to-the-floor temper tantrums (the temper tantrums are still there; just not the I-don't-care-if-I-hit-my-head types); and no more helicopter-monitoring their every move! 

 This is the age when my sons actually read the same books that I do (Calvin and Hobbes, Lemony Snicket and Harry Potter), when they play the board games that I like (though it is annoying when the younger one beats me in Chess), we can watch the same TV shows, and we can have discussions about nerdy stuff that interests all of us! 

 Of course, this is also the age when any instruction I give will go through a complete critical analysis, the mini-lawyers will strut around discussing the pros and cons (mostly the cons) and full implications of doing what they were told, and the motion will be passed that the whole idea is a joke and democratically rejected! 

 This is also the age when my younger one is fully exerting his own unique personality. Gone are the days of complete adoration and mimicking his older brother. He now knows his own mind and his mind often tells him to push his brother's buttons. I have learnt to ignore and, if that doesn't work, to listen without comment to each complaint leveled against the other, and, as a last resort, dole out punishment with impunity! This last step obviously leads to the lawyer talk!

 So, there you have it! If you're a younger mom, you know what to look forward to! And, if you have older kids, do feel free to tell me in the comments how to navigate through the teen years that I am soon headed for!

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