5 Tips for Working from Home

Can I just say I have been waiting for 21 days to write this post on 5 tips for working from home? Why three weeks, you ask? Apparently, that's how long it takes for you to form a habit and stick to it too! So, since I finally finished that timeline, this post is here to be read.

First things first. It's with a good deal of joy that I announce to you all that I have started working from home, full time. (Takes a moment to do a happy jig)! Yes, after many years of working on freelance projects and part-time jobs, I finally decided to take the plunge and accept this role that I must say I am enjoying thoroughly!

It's not easy to find a job that combines your passion with flexible hours and decent compensation. To be honest, I had stopped looking for anything along those lines a few years ago. So when this came along, it was natural for me to think twice before saying 'Yes', because I knew, for certain, that this would mean a huge shift from my comfort zone, where I'd settled for the last 9 years or so. 

Just give me a moment to soak in this feeling of happiness.

AAAHHH! Now, back to what we were talking about! 

So, the thing about working from home means that while you have the advantage of avoiding traffic, pollution and travel time, it does imply a huge number of adjustments and modifications in your routine. With a little effort and some smart planning, we can make that a seamless and comfortable shift.

Tip # 1

Prioritise work

Tip # 2

Set a schedule

Tip # 3

Turn off distractions but allow for interruptions

This one sounds contradictory, but it isn't when you think about it. A distraction is self-created while an interruption is something you cannot control.


Tip # 4

Take well-timed breaks

Tip # 5

Do one thing that you love everyday

Yes, it's been 21 days and I have managed to find myself comfortably set in this routine of mine now. I would like to include one sport or exercise as part of the schedule, so I intend to find time to incorporate that as well. 

Following these 5 tips for working from home has also enabled me to maintain my other love- blogging. I now find time to blog once to thrice a week across two blogs, reply to comments and even blog hop when I can. And guess what! I am in bed by 9:45 pm with a good book to end the day. Well, on most nights, for sure.

So, it's not really hard when you think about it.

It just takes some planning, effort and discipline. 


*Psst! This article says it actually takes you 66 days to 12 months to form a new habit, conclusively. No way was I going to wait that long to post this though. I'm sure you understand. Right? Tell me you do!

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