What's in a name?

Silence is golden, they say, but not so much in the blogging arena. Stay silent for too long and people start to wonder if everything is fine with you, if you've moved continents, if you're fed up of blogging or if you're too busy to blog. Truth be told I was working on something- something to do with a name, naming someone very close to me, as a matter of fact.

No, no, no, it's not what you think! I am not bringing another person into the world. This baby I am talking about is the one you see right here. Yep, that's right; my blog baby who turns eight this August! Can you believe it? I certainly can't!

I'd been toying with the idea of moving to a custom domain for a while now and had balked at it for a number of reasons, none of which are relevant or important. Four people pushed me to go ahead with it and today, I am proud and happy to announce that www.momdiary.blogspot.in is officially




I must thank the following people who made this decision both possible and easier.  

Vidya Sury, who blogs at www.vidyasury.com, told me last year that I must consider doing it as it helps to build your brand and give you visibility on the web. Thank you, my dear :)

Aparna George and Tulika Singh, both parent bloggers, motivated me to consider it, because, well, they love me so much, with no expectation in return. I think that's the best kind of relationship to be in. Love you, my darlings.

Sid Balachandran, a fellow blogger and a great human being, took every painstaking effort at guiding me diligently through purchasing a domain, directing me to the custom domain shift, delineating the difference between hosting and self-hosting and was always available to lend a helping hand or a willing ear. Sid, I don't think a mere blog post mention is enough to do justice to all the work you've put in.

Last but never least (Yes, I mentioned four, I know) ;) , my wonderful husband, V, without whose support I doubt I could have come this far in blogging and writing- two things that I absolutely adore doing. Thank you. Life with you has been enriching in so many, many ways.

The feeling of typing in your name and watching your baby pop up on your screen is quite simply, indescribable. Last night, V worked on this and within minutes, the site went live and I literally shed tears of joy. Perhaps it's silly and sentimental. After all, I have just moved it to a custom domain, but I think in life, like in anything else, it feels good to own a little space that you can call your own, where you can get away and feel safe, comfortable and free.

For me, that is this space- my piece of Heaven on the web. I hope you will continue with me on this journey as I grow  as a blogger, writer and parent, learning with me, stumbling and picking myself up, wiser and happier as the days and years pass by.


* By the way, I wanted to know, 

if I should change the name of the blog to 'A Doting Mom' or 
do you prefer the 'Diary'  tagged on at the beginning? 

Let me know and I can take a decision based on reader feedback.

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