Wishlist for 2015: A Mother's Hope

The last few days of December are here and I am bundling up a year's worth of memories, regrets, new wisdom, some learning, lots of love, fresh friendships, rekindled relationships and looking into what 2015 may be holding in the openness of its embrace.

As I write this post, sitting at my workstation, surrounded by the images of things that are familiar- my daughter's clothes, her wardrobe, a favourite cartoon character on the wall, magnetic letters stuck on an almirah, a bookmark that she made this year- I am trying to envision what I truly, sincerely pray for as the New year pokes its head around the corner.

Resolutions for specific goals (material in nature) don't make sense to me anymore, since well-intentioned is not nearly the same as well-executed, so I would prefer to envision what 2015 should be for an eight-year-old who has the wisdom of a sage, the heart of a blue whale, the curiosity of fifteen cats combined and the love that only she is capable of.

For you,my dear, I hope that the world never fails you in your hour of need and that you can always give back as much as you get from your surroundings.

I pray that you stay safe and protected from the dangers that abound- both physical and emotional- with your wits about you and your values in place.

I may sound annoyed when you pepper me with your endless stream of questions, but know, that secretly, I always enjoy your wide-eyed look of wonder and curiosity and the fact that you consider me to be a treasure trove of information (however mistaken that may be).

I honestly confess that I feel mixed emotions when you are away from me- a sense of quietude that brings with it relief as well as loneliness, in the most inexplicable way. Know that this will never change, no matter how old you grow.

Finally, my wish for you is that you change only in the things that matter- your horizons and your compassion, which must both continue to grow; and that you stay unchanged in the way you look at me and hug me every single day.

Happy 2015, dearest Gy!

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