A special kind of 'Blogversary'

Today is a wonderful day. But then, isn't every day?

Specifically though, there are two reasons that today is special:

How cool is it that those two things coincided? Some things are just not meant to be planned, they simply happen!

Although  I began this blog in 2007, it is only in the last year that I have nurtured it with a lot of love and energy, throwing myself into the task of writing, venting, shaping thoughts, giving them form and watching the blog grow into its own right.

In many startling ways, having this blog has been very similar to bringing up my daughter. I have stumbled along the way, made a lot of rookie mistakes, mixed up posts and pictures, and yet, the outcome has still been very satisfying. Pretty much sums up my parenting journey as well, don't you think?

Eight years ago, on this day in July, Gy arrived into my waiting arms. Her pink cheeks were flushed with all the screaming, but to me, it was the most beautiful sound in the world. Within moments of being wrapped and bundled next to me, she fell into a dreamy slumber. Watching her sleep, in those precious moments, it became clear to me that this was meant to be. She was really there- with me, a part of me yet separate from my being.

These last eight years have been a crazy, emotional, challenging, uplifting, incredibly fulfilling journey. I can honestly say that I have learnt more from her than I have managed to teach her. In random order and in honour of her birthday, here are eight things that  she has taught me to do. 

From Gy to me and from me to you, here are eight tips for a better life:

Yell Less. It helps your heart and heals your soul.

Slow down and smell the flowers

Pause and respond to hurtful comments or a difficult situation

Make chores fun and do them in half the time, as a consequence!

Appreciate the most mundane things in life, such as a fixed line 

Value the greatness of this current moment

Revel in the importance of being idle

Realise that you are more than Just a Mom

If a tiny little bundle of happiness can do so much for you, think of how much we can do for those of her kind. Today, my wish for her is that she grows up with her sense of wonder intact, her ability to love people should remain unconditional and her need to explore must never be stifled or superseded by the compulsion to perform.

With this, I pray, with all my heart, that she continues to enrich my life with the warmth of her smile and the wisdom of her soul.

❤  Happy Birthday, my dear! 

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