100th post-2014: Changes and New Features!

This is the 100th post for the year, 2014. Isn't that something? 

To celebrate, I am announcing a few changes to the blog, starting this June.With the winds of evolution come the feelings of hope, positive thinking and moving forward.

It has been almost 7 years since I set foot in the blogging world. Of those, only the last year has been the most productive, in terms of posts, networking and reading more blogs. When I began this blog, it was to be just a diary, an outpouring of thoughts about parenting.

Today, it is a melting pot of ideas, reviews, school-related posts, fun ideas for kids and positive parenting techniques. Along the way, the Creative Muse beckoned and I willingly followed. At first , I wrote a few fiction pieces infrequently. Then, it became regular. I realised that the focus of the blog was shifting slowly away from core parenting ideas and more towards the telling of tales.

Change # 1: A new Blog

Keeping this in mind, I started another blog, exclusively for Fiction and Writing ideas. You can read my poems, drabble, short stories and more on my all-new Wordpress blog, The Moving Quill.

The Fiction pieces I wrote on this blog will stay here. So do check those out too, if you feel inclined.

Change # 2: Regular Features

Then, I sat down and drafted my ideas for my Parenting blog and am happy to say that there will be some regular features that you can expect here, each month. Occasionally, the featured post may appear on my other blog, if the theme does not fit in with Parenting.

In an effort to streamline the content on this blog, as well as doing something in a structured manner, I came up with a Calendar of Posts. This makes writing much easier. It also helps me plan certain posts well in advance!

Feature # 1-Guest Bloggers

Every month, on the first and third Tuesdays, I will be hosting a Guest Blogger here. She/He will share their thoughts on a topic of her/his choice. These are bloggers I have come to know over a period of time and I simply love the work that they do. They will share their ideas on Parenting and other related subjects.

Fiction bloggers will be featured on my Wordpress site. 

Feature # 2- Thoughtful Thursdays

 Thursdays will focus on thoughtful Parenting techniques. These will touch upon topics such as , ' Yelling less- a tip-sheet', 'How to speak to your child during a tantrum' and 'Teaching your child about chores'.

Feature # 3- Friday Reviews

An idea that I have been working on for a while now is the inclusion of reviews on this blog. The reviews will be of books and films suitable for children. Readers are welcome to suggest titles for reviews. This shall also include books which relate to Parenting.

Feature # 4- Expert Speak

Once a month, there will be an interview with an expert in the field of Parenting/ Education/ Child Psychology. This is our way of gaining insight into the challenges faced by children and parents alike. Hopefully, this will address those concerns effectively. The topic for each month will be announced by the end of the previous month. Readers are welcome to send in their queries to me by e-mail. I will pick the questions to be posed to the Expert and present the interaction on the blog, in the following month.

{The topic for the month of June is: How do we handle a child's Temper Tantrums?}
Send in your questions to: dotingmomdiary@gmail.com

That's the plan. Is there anything else you would like me to feature? Do let me know.

Are you looking forward to June? I certainly am! 

Stop by and read the posts that you love.

Looking forward to a wonderful journey

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