who am i?

i am just i


nothing really says it all
words cannot contain me
sentences may not define me
essays cannot do me justice

i am just i

i am intrepid
i am the idler
i am the mind's i

for who can say that this body is i
or this life is i
not even this existence am i

take me as i am
flawed, loving, friendly

for i am just that


word count: 77

this post is also my tiny tribute to one of my favourite poets, 
e.e.cummings, who did away with the use of capital letters.

you will notice that there are no capitals used anywhere in today's post :)

written for the a to z 2014 challenge

i is for  i

my theme for the month is : introspection in shades of 11

for today's recommendation, i give you monica deshpande 
and her sinfully tasty dish 'ice cream cup cookies'

also linking this to the ultimate blog challenge for april


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