Nocturnal Visitor

She waited until darkness descended all over the neighbourhood. Stealthily she opened the door a crack and peered about. Good, it seemed safe to venture out. There was a nip in the night air that caught her unawares, so she turned around and went back in to get her overcoat. 

Her mother had given it to her and at the memory, her eyes welled up. Snippets of cheer rose before her eyes- a picnic lunch in the park, a warm summer's day, running around in shorts and rolling about on the lush green grass. Shaking herself, she focused on the task at hand.

Her destination was here. She tiptoed around the house and looked up at the windows. All of them were shut. No, wait! One was open, high above. Craftily, her face broke out into a grin and she hitched up her skirts. Espying the tree next to the window, she shimmied up the branches in no time at all.

Peering in, she saw the master of the house, snoring soundly in his bed. Rubbing her hands together she jumped in through the open entrance and stood beside the bed. 

With contempt, she looked down at his face, smugly settled in the soft pillows. She prepared herself next. Holding out her hands, she watched as the nails grew longer . Then, she bared her teeth to reveal her fangs. Pleasure filled her nostrils as she drew in her breath and sensed the blood in the air. One step forward and then she stopped, shaking in her boots.

Dangling on the chain on the nightstand was a single, golden cross. . .


Written for Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt

This week's prompt was to use the phrase 'Dangling on the chain...' 

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