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Are you in the mood for a game? Word games, to be precise. Then, you've come to the right place :)

So, as you all may know, it is summer here and the kid has her vacation going on. Those who follow the blog will also know about my Something New, Something Fun  post, which talked about activities to keep kids happy all summer long :)

Well, today, Gy came up with an interesting game which we played for over two hours. Goodness, where did the time go!?

You've all heard of anagrams or jumbled letters. It's pretty easy, right? You just get a word, change the letters around and then guess what the original word is. 

Like this one:

Oh, that was an easy one, right?

How about this one?

I bet that took you about 5 seconds, eh? ;)

All right, just to change things up (pun intended) try your hand at the new one below:

Did you get it yet? What's it been? 15 minutes now? Chances are you didn't get it at all. And you know why? It's got a wild letter in the mix.

WHAT! That's not fair. Ah, but that was the game we played today. She took a word and jumbled up the letters and added one extra letter which doesn't belong. Talk about pressure!

First, you have to find the rogue letter and eliminate it. Then, you unscramble the mix. Pretty cool, huh? If you manage to do that, you get full marks. If not, you ask for the rogue letter to be removed and then get only half marks for unscrambling.

So, I didn't get the rogue letter and I had to ask her to remove the letter. Would you like to know the rogue letter? Or try your hand at it first?

I am waiting to see the comments on this one! Make sure you unscramble all three words above!

Happy anagram time, everyone :)

Footnote: This was actually a totally, spur-of-the-moment post for J! 

I had already written one for the day , J is for Joking :)

Written for the A to Z 2014 Challenge

J is for Jumble

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