You remember growing up playing those fun family games? I do! Sigh, nostalgia...

Every other day, we would pull out  board games and spend a good two hours rolling the dice, arguing over free turns, double rolls on sixes, jumping in glee when we sent another's marker back 'home' and doing the triumphant jig when we won :)

Well, things haven't changed too much, I am glad to say. At home, we insist on minimal gadget time for the kid and more interactive, personal play.

In mid-March, on one Sunday evening, as we lazed around the house, V came up with the idea of charades. I was very enthused by the idea and started telling Gy excitedly about the rules: Indicate if it is a movie or a book; Show number of words; Use only hand signals , and about a dozen other rapid-fire instructions.

With a wry look, V steered the bewildered child away from me and whispered a word in her ear. Her face lit up and she took up a stance to indicate a person holding a bat. I yelled out, 'Cricket!' You would have thought I had brought the moon down for her. Her face lit up with pride and joy:)

After that, there was no looking back. By rotation, she switched between me and V, asking for clues and acting them out.

For me,this taught two important lessons:
  • Speak to a child as a child would. 
  • Act like a child when it's expected. 

And, just for you, here she is, enacting one of the words we discussed. Can you guess it?

 I'll be sure to pass on the number of correct responses to her. 

Won't that bring a smile to her face! :)

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C is for Charades

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