Believe in the pain- #atozchallenge

A while ago, a very hurtful thing happened. Somebody I was very close to, said something unexpected. It was said in jest, but there was an element of truth to it.

I am not blaming the person. But it did happen.

So, what was the outcome? 

Did I withdraw into myself and feel hurt? Yes, I did.

Did I nurse a bit of resentment towards the person? Yes, I did.

Did I stop interacting with the person? No, I did not.

Because I believe that in our pain is our learning. From that hurt came an understanding, that all relationships are delicate and we need to tread carefully. We are what we make of ourselves. 

We can pick ourselves up and make things better. Or we can retreat into self- deprecation and the 'victim' complex, which, only hurts one person: the self.

Believe that there is a reason for your existence. 

Believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Let go of the hurt and embrace the lesson. Open up to love today.

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Written for the A to Z 2014 Challenge

B is for Belief

My theme for the month is : Introspection in shades of 11

My recommended blogger for the day is Aditi Kausiva 
and her gripping tale 'No more Black'

Also linking this to the Ultimate Blog Challenge for April


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