Struck through the heart

She was too late
They said
There was nothing they could do
He said

I refuse to believe that
She said
But it's the truth
They said

You have to let it go
He said
And watch my life crumble?
She said

What else can we do?
They said
I want justice
She said

But it's past midnight
They said
Wake him up now!
She said

Fine, let's go
He said
Let's ring the doorbell
They said

Yes, can I help you?
Said a soft voice
We need to see the culprit
She said grimly's really late. He's asleep
Protested the voice
I don't care!
She said

Then a head poked out
Shivering and scared
I am really sorry, I am
he whimpered

Steely eyes and a glare welcomed him
You shouldn't have done it! She was my friend!
She uttered through clenched teeth

I will make it up to you, I promise
He whispered

Towering over him.
With anger thrashing about in her heart
She said
I was too late to save her.
And you will never find another cat quite like her. . .


This is written in response to the Wednesday Prompt over at

Write Tribe

This week's prompt was to use the line 'S/he was too late'' anywhere in the post

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