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Today's prompt really had me put on my thinking cap.

I saw the word " links" and wondered which route I should take. There are golf links, but that seemed tame. Plus, I didn't have a picture of a golf course!

Then, I thought, hey, I'm a blogger. Links are my life, well, almost:) But, how am I going to capture those with a camera?

Finally, I realised that the links that matter the most are the ones we make- in person, online, through our words, through our blogs, with our laughter and with our hearts.

Here is a picture of one of the best links I have known- Gy with her dad, on Calangute beach, Goa. They are linking their hands via an underground sand tunnel. How cool is that?

What is your favourite link? Do share in the comments below. Feel free to 'link' your posts too :)

This is written in response to the prompt "Links"
as part of the Marathon Bloggers' Challenge for this week

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