G is for...

...Gy, but obviously!

Considering how completely she fills every aspect of my life and how she forms an integral part of this blog's existence, 'G' is most definitely for 'Gy'.

Writing this post, I think back and realise what an incredibly blessed journey it has been- this road called motherhood. I remember it so very well. Every step of the way from the moment that I realised I was pregnant to the time that I held her red, chubby body against mine.

And I know this might sound corny, but I knew what her name was, even before she was born, nay, even before she was conceived. V and I could agree on one thing and one thing alone- the name for our daughter.

What if it had been a boy, you ask? The poor chap would have been nameless for many months, given how V and I could not see eye to eye on a single boy's name. If I picked one, he rejected it, saying he knew somebody by that name. Names he picked almost, always gave me memories of being stalked by similarly-named weirdos back in college! (Yes, that is a creepy story for another day!)

Knowing how people can get pretty wound up over names, it was a pleasant surprise to see how readily everyone received our choice of name. They all loved it- grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends, cousins, acquaintances- you name it.

As all children are wont to say, Gy says she loves her name.

Then again, ask her that question when she's a teenager and chances are she may react like this:


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G is for Gy

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