Duel to the death

Don't blame the sinner

She knows of little other than pain
She only sins by compulsion
And not by choice or with disdain

Her hands are cracked with years of toil
Her heels weighed down by hardship
The Chess Queens, by Muriel Streeter
It is no easy task to do what she does
Yes, hers is no enviable cross to bear

Clad in black, she stands proud
Her head held high in the wintry air
Like the dark queen of chess
She moves with frightening grace

Staring across the moors
Her eyes narrow as she sees her approach
The robes of white flash in majesty
As she thunders towards the dark queen

The battle is brisk, fierce and fiery
There can be no way to tell
Who will triumph in this duel

As the swords clash and the clang of metal roars
The darkness descends
Enveloping them in its fold

After many hours one was left standing
Watching as the corpse of the other lay writhing
And then lay like stone
Her breath forever stilled

The winner knew that it was no easy battle
For the opponent had been strong
And without her, she could never have existed

Yes, it was a tough battle
One soaked in the essence of Life
But Pain, the black queen, had succumbed
To the might of Hope


This is written in response to the Speakeasy Challenge # 149

This week's rule was to use this as the first line: 

Don’t blame the sinner 

We also had to use the picture prompt  above and refer to it in some way

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