Which do you choose?

If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right.
Henry Ford

Always been a favourite quote of mine!

Introspecting on this, I stumbled upon a realisation.

Anything good,happy,prosperous,fun,beautiful in life is born out of the LOVE you feel for it/him/her.

And anything sad,angry,irritable,ugly,debased is begotten of FEAR you experience with regard to him/her/it.

Only in late 2003,did I realise the true meaning of the word 'amateur'. Derived from the French word , 'amore',meaning to love, it speaks of a person who does something because he/she loves to do it.

Why do we choose fear more often over love? Is it because of the cynical view we have taken to life and its dark side? 

Is it because every time we open the newspaper,we see more instances of murder,burglary,rape,fake encounters and dirty politics?

Or is it simply because we feel love is over rated in today's world?

More than ten years on, the one thing that resonates with me is love. 

Whatever the reason, we cannot forsake love, for it is most definitely the only thing that can keep us together as a society,as a race and as a world.

For every murder,let us also remember a noble deed and laud those who did it. In addition, let us pray for the souls of the murdered and that of the killer too.

For all the tears on earth, let us spend more smiles.Let us overbalance the equation and tilt it in love's favour.Let us end hatred,jealousy and most importantly  fear.

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