Let the music play, er...hum

I am a hummingbird. At last, you know the truth!

Well, not literally, obviously. Do you realise how difficult it would be for a bird to type out a blog post? I meant that I hum a lot. A LOT! I can hum anywhere- in the kitchen, in the shower, when I wash the dishes, while reading a book, dusting the shelves, riding my scooter, sitting on a park bench, while I watch my daughter play and even while watching a movie! Heck, I can even hum when I am in the middle of a conversation (that time the humming would be in my head, of course).

During my growing years, I have driven family crazy with the incessant humming. At a family gathering, when all the play was done and the kids had settled down to 'quiet' reading, one cousin snapped her book shut, glared at me and said, 'Can you please let others read as well, you hummingbird?' Now you know it wasn't a compliment!

It's difficult to pinpoint exactly when I started humming. Perhaps all those hours spent staring at the ceiling, from the confines of my crib, may have triggered it. Or the fact that I always liked that ringing sound in my own ears (psychiatrist, anyone?) could be the culprit. My mom, smiling indulgently, every time I hummed in the background, didn't help either. (Well, moms are the sweetest things, you know).

Why this thought struck me today was because I woke up in a particularly foul mood. And after all the rush and flurry of the morning routine had subsided, the peace of the household spoke to me. It whispered, 'Why aren't you humming? It makes you happy.'

So, the music button started whirring- both in my head and on my I-pod. As the notes emerged, some in serenity and others with a tap-your-foot rhythm, my temper cooled and my anger dissipated. The familiar hum rose from the gut and started singing in my ears.

That's when it hit me: I have to hum! Everyday, like a tonic or a pick-me-up.

It makes things better.

It calms my stress.

It puts things in perspective.

And, knowing what a sedate and laid-back individual Gy is, I hope that she picks up this habit of mine. Just knowing that she is humming, will make me feel all better on a particularly blue day.

So, the next time we meet and I am listening to you intently, without uttering a word, just remember, I am probably humming my guts out!

This post is my submission to the weekly challenge over at Yeahwrite! 

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