What surprised me today

Every Thursday, I step out for an hour in the evening for a session of community singing. More often than not, Gy doesn't tag along, preferring to play with her friends or curl up with her books.

On the rare occasions that she chooses to come along, I am happy, but don't make a big deal of it. Ultimately, I believe in letting her make her own choices.

This evening, I asked her to stay home and finish some studying for the week, since her dad was home as well. She complied.

When I returned home an hour later, I saw the light in her bedroom. Wondering what was up, I casually walked into the room.

There, on the bed, were the entire contents of her wardrobe. She looked at me and said, 'Amma, I am rearranging my cupboard. Give me half an hour. '

To say I was surprised would be an understatement...

She has helped out around the house before, but never has she taken the initiative to organise a shelf! More signs that my baby was growing up!

And, true to her word, she summoned me to see the outcome. I stood there as she proudly displayed the row of jeans, next to the row of shorts, which, of course was completely different from the row of leggings!  They are not the same, people!

But, wait! There was more. A pile for frocks, placed next to her tees, which stood beside her sweaters and a few outfits which she couldn't classify, but decided to place in there anyway.

Her reaction at her work?

"Now I know exactly where my clothes are, just like those categories in a supermarket. "

I just hope the supermarket reference stops there and doesn't extend to buying the entire store ;)

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Today is Day 14

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