The post that wasn't

In response to the prompt for today, Tell us about a blog post that you didn't publish, I went hunting through the drafts on my dashboard.

I started writing it a couple of months ago. I titled it 'Yes vs No'. It was supposed to be about how both are equally important in a parent-child interaction.

Somehow, it never progressed beyond the first three sentences. And, that was troubling me at first.
Why was I having writer's block for something that happened everyday? Did I not have enough data to write about it? Not likely, since we hear both words aplenty, thrown about every hour!

Then, it came to me one afternoon, as I sat sipping my steaming cup of  tea and watching the sun set in a pinkish- orange hue on the horizon.

I wasn't ready to write about it. I hadn't completely come to terms with the idea yet. In my day, there were still too many 'No's as opposed to the number of 'Yes' words I would have liked. This isn't because I am a negative person- far from it. The positive always calls to me; looking on the bright side is now part of my psyche.

But, as a parent, to let go and to let a child be free, without inhibition, without rules and without restraint, isn't something that comes very instinctively to me. Just as she learns to stumble, walk and run, I have to gradually relax my hold, release and watch her stride alone.

It's not easy. It won't happen overnight. But it will happen- at its pace and at the right moment.

Oh and that post? It's still there, lying in my 'drafts' folder. I will get around to finishing it one day. Just not today.

It's Day 18

This post is my contribution to

   NaBloPoMo November 2013

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