Seventeen reasons

My daughter was born on the 17th. I love this number for this reason alone. The fact that it adds up to 8 is also strangely satisfying. The infinite nature of the loop formed by 8 is how much I love her. Now, that may sound corny, but it's true.

Never, ever, ever, have I come across someone like her. This is probably the case for all mothers when they look at their children. 

As I sit here, drumming away on the keys and mentally picturing Gy, I can think of more than 17 reasons that I love her, but will start with these for now:

  1. She refuses to let me cry. She just cannot bear it.
  2. She can break out into the craziest dance moves at the drop of a hat. I wish I could do that with such abandon!
  3. She has an incredibly  infectious laugh. I can't keep a straight face when she gets into a laughing fit.
  4. She loves to brush her hair free of tangles herself, since it is easier for me every morning to braid her hair.
  5. When asked who she prefers between mom and dad, her response has always been, 'Both of you'.( Totally raw and untaught reply, by the way!)
  6. She can talk to her dolls with the same, sombre expression that she reserves for her teachers.
  7. The word 'fatigue' does not exist in her vocabulary! I have seen her play tennis, go running around the park, attend dance class, stand in the sun and still have enough energy left over to talk nonstop till bedtime!
  8. Through her, I realise how we take so many things for granted- a bird's chirping, a visit to the zoo, a blooming rose- her sense of wonder is never dimmed. Sad what life can do to us...
  9. She still likes to be fed by hand every now and then.
  10. She is the only one who listens with wide-eyed wonder to my nonsensical, made-up tales.
  11. She gives the best hugs and the warmest kisses.
  12. She forgives me within 3 seconds when I lose my temper. I could never do that!
  13. She loves to tease me and giggles uncontrollably when I fall for her tricks!
  14. She always takes my side in an argument- even when I am obviously in the wrong!
  15. She begins every morning with a smile and says, 'Amma, you are really funny!'
  16. She helped me understand the value of 'yelling less'.
  17. She is the reason that this blog exists.
It's Day 22

This post is my contribution to

   NaBloPoMo November 2013


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