Gratitude - why it's never overrated

We can live without ever truly getting too emotional or too sensitive. That's what the world does to you. You see way too much tragedy, cruelty and selfishness today to truly believe that there can be such a thing as humanity.

But one feeling you can't evade is gratitude. And it can start with the simplest of tasks and go on to much bigger outcomes.

How often do we pause and give thanks to the little chances and the great people? Most often, we take them for granted. We forget to appreciate what they mean to us and how their lives impact ours.

In no particular order, these are what I am truly grateful for:

* My circle of friends who are always ready, at the drop of a hat, to send food over when I'm sick,  look after my daughter if I'm delayed on an errand and cheer me up when I'm in a pretty foul mood.

* My incredible daughter, Gy, who continues to amaze me with her mature outlook, her overwhelming concern for others and her ability to talk like the Energizer Bunny!

* My husband and his enviable culinary skills, which ensure that I get a great home cooked meal, on the days I feel lousy and unable to get out of bed.

*My parents who taught me that to love unconditionally is the only way to love.

* My sister, who thinks the world of me and whose shoulder I've found the most comfortable place to dry my tears.

*My in-laws, who dispel the myth surrounding their category, and have been unshakable rocks of support for the last twelve-odd years.

*My loyal students, old and current, who give me so much love- something I'm not entirely sure I deserve, at times.

*My regular and growing number of readers, who unfailingly comment on my writing and how it moved them or spoke to them.

*My books, for it is in them that I spend some of my best hours.

* My networks, for keeping me connected to seasoned contacts and putting me in touch with an ever-growing group of fantastic people.

* And to the earth and the sky and the trees for just being there.

If I had to pick one incident which reflects the reason for my gratitude, it would have to be about Gy. The time that I took up my 'Yelling Less Challenge', I had almost made it through the week and then disaster stuck in the form of a physical injury. Just when I decided to ditch my effort, Gy stepped in and cooperated with me so beautifully, because she knew how important the challenge was to me.

Thanks to her, not only did I complete the week, I went on to a whole month after that!

So, what are you grateful for today?


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