Wishful Wisdom

I wish I had a camera handy for every time my darling  smiles, yet I know I just need to close my eyes to see that cherubic face.

I wish I could freeze the innocence of her childhood, yet I know that one day, she will look back at these years as the best of her life.

I wish I could protect her from the taunts of the world, yet I know she will learn to cry at first and gradually deal with them in her own, independent way.

I wish I had been more patient with each tantrum that she threw, yet I know I would never have learnt the value of yelling less.

I wish I could turn to her every time she had something to say, yet life and all its madness won't let that happen and I am grateful for the moments that I can be there.

I wish I could re-live every loving moment over, yet I know that the beauty of each moment lies in its impermanence.

I wish I could share in the little giggles and secrets that she exchanges with other bent heads, yet I know there is a curious satisfaction in not knowing the reason behind every smile.

I wish I could be her again, filled with love, learning, warmth, unbridled joy and yes, this ,in essence, is the one real thing that  I can aspire to and achieve.

-Wishful Wisdom ( Inspired by Gy)