Vaccines and their 'side-effect'

If you are wondering about the possible side-effects of a vaccine being fever,swelling, chills and loss of appetite, you aren't too far off the mark.

However, this post talks about the "other side-effect", namely, the kid's reaction when she realises that she is going to be subjected to a painful prick on her tender thigh/arm from a wicked-looking needle and syringe.

For nearly 2 years, it was sheer torture for hubby and me to take Gy for her regular vaccinations. Reason being the second she saw the doctor, she would howl pitifully, remembering how the injection hurt her the last time.

Time and again, we would cajole her into sitting still, hold her down firmly and shut our ears to the screams that she emitted while the poor chap did his duty.

Till recently, that is!

On one visit about 2 months ago, Gy grabbed hold of her favourite doll and insisted on taking it with her to the doctor's office. I relented and prayed that this would act as a diversion.

Once at the doctor's, she carried her doll into the consulting room and told the doctor that the baby was sick. The doctor asked her what he needed to do. She solemnly asked him to give the baby an injection. The doctor seriously nodded his head and glanced at us with a light smile.Hubby and I tried our hardest not to laugh.

Doc then told Gy that he would first give Gy an injection and then give the doll one. To our surprise, she readily agreed.She did wriggle a bit and also emitted a whimpering cry when the needle went into her thigh.But, on the whole, her behaviour was so different from the previous visits, that it was astonishing! Her round done, she waited while the doctor injected the syringe into the doll and she then picked up the doll and consoled it.

Finally, with a smile and a cheery wave, she bid the doctor 'good-bye'.

We were taken aback, to say the least, at this total turnaround of events.Now, the doll is a necessary part of our trips to the doctor;)

Photo courtesy: Wikipedia